Check html field hidden or not using C# backend code

I am a rookie to C# growth. I developed an HTML kind, and also I would like to run its own input making use of C#.

I was assuming that to create these items, a recursive function would be well. Can any person deliver any sort of suggestions concerning exactly how to handle turning the html right into c# objectives?

How to include Html Audio component utilizing c# code, Possess you made an effort if the course is actually correct? Is actually the ASP.NET-Control needed to have? Just how about

protected void btn1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    HtmlGenericControl myAudio = new HtmlGenericControl("audio");
    myAudio.Attributes.Add("autoplay", "true");
    myAudio.Attributes.Add("hidden", "true");
    myAudio.Attributes.Add("src", Server.MapPath("~/Songs/") + "1.wav");

Why may not be you using the ASP.NET managements for your inputs? Is it a Html page, or simply performed through a LINK? And is there a technique to receive this operating along with my c# application?

In last option, you can easily place a surprise area, which are going to be occupied on send with “covert, shown, etc” values for you inputs.

The backend( C#) interact with your html code by means of a form (that’s why it’s referred to as Internet Kind Treatment). You can try using a flag to signify whether a component should be hidden or otherwise (value of a concealed web control).

I am actually trying to convert a html document to c# item. I possess an example checklist of names in a bought checklist as below. I am utilizing Html Dexterity Load.

I have the complying with code through which I am presenting and concealing html managements located on Dropdown listing decided on worth. Show as well as Hide is working fine but I intend to Check in backend i.e C# that the which <tr> is actually noticeable and which one is actually concealed.

One workaround could be to make use of a MVVM design with knockout.js (Do not make an effort slanted for that, you’ll be actually shed in doctors).

Another choice is to actually put your pick carton as well as the hidden/visible parts right into UpdatePanel. When you modify the selector, the hosting server side is actually named and also you can designate/ get rid of “noticeable” industry. A lot more:

You can certainly not in fact inspect this in backend. program() and.hide() are actually jQuery procedures which simply works on customer edge.

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